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Licensed gv3.0 users may now download a free 7 minute transport stream file with KLV metadata. You will be required to enter the same username/password you use to download gv3.0 software. If you forgot or need a new username/password, get a new one here.

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Low-cost licenses are available to the US Government and its contractors. For commercial licenses, contact the GV™3.0 license administrator.

What's New

Build 982 Released for Windows and Linux (11/21/13)

Certificate to Field Build 970 (4/4/12)

Build 982 Released for Windows and Linux platforms(11/21/13)

Build 970 Released for Linux and Solaris platforms(4/4/12)

Build 970 Released for Windows platforms (2/27/12)

GV™3.0 Build 970 improves Plug-in and video capabilities and incorporates new GUI enhancements.

Build 965 Released for Windows platforms (9/29)

GV™3.0 Build 965 improves upon Plug-in and Streaming capabilities.

Build 961 Released for Windows platforms (6/30)

GV™3.0 Build 961 improves motion video metadata standards compliance.

Certificate to Field Build 961 (6/30)

GV™3.0 Build 961 receives Certificate to Field.

GV™3.0 Build 960 is Certified (6/30)

GV™3.0 Build 960 is JITC NITF CLEVEL 7 Certified.

Build 960 Released (2/23)

GV™3.0 Build 960 improves motion video support, as well as annotation manipulation and various editing features.

Certificate to Field Build 955 (10/29)

GV™3.0 Build 955 receives Certificate to Field.

Build 955 Released (9/21)

GV™3.0 Build 955 improves motion video support, introduces a video concatenation plugin, and is now also available as a portable application.

Certificate to Field Build 950 (3/11)

GV™3.0 Build 950 receives Certificate to Field.

Build 950 Released (3/9)

Includes improved full motion video support and adds several new features.

Build 945b Certification Extended (9/9)

NITFS Certification of GV™3.0 build 945b has been extended for one year.

Build 945b-refresh Released (6/1)

Includes improved motion video handling and bug fixes.

Build 945a Released (3/6)

This is a bugfix release only, for Build 945.

Build 945 Released (12/21)

The 945 build of GV™3.0 now supports streaming motion imagery and the emerging H.264 supported streams within the community. This release also includes upgraded JPEG2000 and AAF support libraries, North Arrow support, and improved documentation.

GV™3.0 945 is Certified

GV™3.0 945 is JITC NITF CLEVEL 7 Certified.

Build 940h Released (8/4)

The 940h build of GV™3.0 offers MPEG-2 Streaming with KLV support.  

LPA Systems HyperVISE Plugins Available (11/9)

The HyperVISE plugins make it possible for non-scientific users to use high performance image analysis techniques without full understanding of the complex algorithms involved.

For more information on the GV™3.0 imagery viewer, contact us.