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Licensed gv3.0 users may now download a free 7 minute transport stream file with KLV metadata. You will be required to enter the same username/password you use to download gv3.0 software. If you forgot or need a new username/password, get a new one here.

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Low-cost licenses are available to the US Government and its contractors. For commercial licenses, contact the GV™3.0 license administrator.

Releases & Plugins

GV™3.0 Releases

Build 982 (Latest Windows & Linux Release)

Build 970

Click Here for details on the newest features and bug fixes incorporated in this release.

Build 965

Click Here for details on the newest features and bug fixes incorporated in this release.

Build 961

This is a bugfix release that contains enhancements in motion imagery standards compliance.

Build 960 (Latest General Release)

New features and enhancements include:

  • Full motion video non-linear editor and Video Concatenation Plug-in
  • A plug-in capability to sequence a series of NITF files into a motion JPEG2000 sequence
  • Motion JPEG2000 playback capability
  • New annotation manipulation features
  • Multi-step Undo and Redo
  • Full motion video transcoding options for video saving, including formats compatible with PowerPoint embedding
  • Improved H.264/MEG-2 support for both multicast/unicast and file-based playback
  • More robust KLV metadata checking and display
  • On-screen video mensuration
  • Enhanced video cropping and clipping

  • GV3.0 Plugins

    HyperVise: v1 Build 2

    HyperVISE, developed by LPA Systems, Inc., supplies image analysis capabilities for Multi/Hyperspectral imagery. HyperVISE is designed to provide non-scientific users with the ability to use high performance image analysis techniques without full understanding of complex algorithms. HyperVISE is compatible with GV™3.0 build 940f and up. Features include:

    • Band Reduction – presents the user with a set of rudimentary choices to reduce the data set size by eliminating bands in the image.
    • Band Aggregation – creates a new image based on known techniques for combining bands of a Multi/Hyperspectral image to enhance or suppress specific features of an image.
    • Reed-Xiaoli (RX) Anomaly Detector – identifies pixels that contain spectral information significantly different from the specified reference background.
    • Spectral Match Filter – identifies portions of an image that are similar to a given spectral signature.
    • Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) Automatic Target Cuer – applied to the Reed-Xiaoli or Spectral Match Filter magnitude map output to highlight specific portions of the image for further investigation.
    • Empirical Line Method (ELM) Atmospheric Correction – capability that allows users to eliminate the effects of the atmosphere in an image.
    • Pixel Classifier – utilizes K-Means Pixel Classification to categorize similar-pixels in a scene.
    • Local Spectral Signature Library – allows users to use the SMF algorithm with spectral signatures from existing libraries or other images after the image has been atmospherically corrected.
    • Spectral Signature Utility – allows users to quickly view and compare spectral values.

    Required Platform
    HyperVISE is a Java-based, platform independent plugin for GV™3.0 build 940f and requires GV™3.0 to be installed prior to installing HyperVISE. Currently, testing has been performed on Windows systems. Support for other operating systems (Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, OpenVMS) can be accomplished for specific customers.  For further technical assistance, contact